Our Fabrics


The head honcho of fabrics for suits, and for good reason. It can be made to suit any climate, from cold weather to warm weather. It also absorbs moisture well, making it a breathable fabric, especially when woven with a twist. In certain finishes and weaves, such as worsteds and flannels, wool is also an excellent insulator of warmth. Interestingly, wool is also less likely to catch fire than most other fabrics. This is because it has a higher combustion point, which means that it takes more heat to ignite. Perfect for Towering Inferno type situations. Then, in the distant future, when your lovely wool garment goes to meet the great Tailor in the Sky, it won't leave any microplastics in the soil and is biodegradable in land and water.


A sustainable masterpiece as the entire flax plant can be used, leaving almost no waste. Generally seen as a more informal summer fabric, but this need not be written in stone. It can also be used for dinner jackets and can come in a variety of weights. It will crease though. Add a patterned pocket square and textured tie (silk ties don’t seem to marry well) to dress it up.


The cloth of kings some say, and often misplaced as a very informal, almost slouchy cloth. When cut right, it can make a made into a more formal suit. Especially when a waistcoat is added. Being a sibling to velvet, it can look quite dramatic in certain lights, but with a more approachable air.


Generally considered a touch more informal than the likes of wool or wool blends. However, they can be worn all year round, even in nippier weather. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, which makes a lovely suit for toastier weather, but it is prone to a dose of creasing, so bear that in mind.

Wool / Linen

An excellent blend. Breathable crisp linen makes an ideal partner for wool, which wicks excellently and maintains heat, when needed. A cloth with texture that won’t crease up like a 100%, so can be worn more formally, but with added texture. Makes a lovely suit for the more warm parts of the year.

Wool / Silk

A lovely pairing. Soft, strong, and warm. Together, they make a wonderful couple! Their insulating and breathable qualities are increased, creating a fabric that's warm, durable, and moisture-wicking. Can often comes in wilder colours making a more vibrant suit.